Port of Tromsø has large outdoor storage areas, logistic areas and warehouses and office buildings.

Tromsø city centre

In the city centre we have a port and passenger terminal.

  • Restaurant premises
  • Commercial premises
  • Square area
  • Outdoor area

You will find more information at the website:
Prostneset havneterminal

Bilde av Breivika havneområdet


More than 100 businesses are located at Breivika. The total area is over 500 000 m².

  • Outdoor areas for short and long-term rental
  • Logistics / business areas
  • Several warehouses (isolated/uninsulated)
  • Office space


Our facilities at Grøtsund comprise total quay length of 130 m with a depth of 22 m and a Ro-Ro ramp.

The quay and outdoor area are both constructed for heavy lifting operations and have a maximum point load of 150 t/m² and surface tension of 10 t/m².

The total area covers 1.5 million m².

  • Outdoor storage areas for industrial projects
  • Logistics areas
  • Warehouse (isolated)
  • Office space