Breivika port terminal

Breivika port terminal is a secure area with restricted access control.

Businesses with commercial activities at the Breivika port terminal may gain automated vehicle access via a licence plate recognition (LPR) system.

Visitors may gain access by contacting the Port Control in advance or on arrival.


Port Control
+47 91 10 74 44

ISPS areas in the City centre, Breivika and Grøtsund

ISPS (International Ship and Port facility Security code) areas apply for vessels with ISSC certification and strict access restrictions apply.

An access permit/approved documentation is required for personnel, vehicles and cargo to enter the area or go on board the ship. Security checks and identification also apply for suppliers, service personnel and others serving the ship

Access to ISPS areas

Visitors to a vessel must contact the Port Control/representative of the ship.


Port Control
91 10 74 44

For companies requiring pre-approval to ISPS areas at the Port of Tromsø, please contact:

Tor-Egil Seglsten
47 89 60 55 |