Permission is required for measures in or near the sea area that may affect safety, traffic or defence and preparedness interests in the fairway pursuant to legislation such as the Harbour and Fairway Act.

Examples of measures that require permission

  • Putting a floating pier in the sea, establishing a quay or engaging in land filling in the sea
  • Laying water or wastewater pipes
  • Events on the land or in coastal areas may be subject to application, e.g. boat and jet ski races.

The above-mentioned measures normally require a permit pursuant to both acts and can therefore not be implemented until both permits are issued.

Unsure if you need to apply?

The threshold concerning which measures are subject to application is low. If you are in doubt about whether a measure is subject to an application pursuant to the Harbour and Fairway Act, we encourage you to contact us.

How to apply

The Port of Tromsø has in its statutes been delegated the authority Tromsø Municipality has pursuant to the Harbour and Fairway Act, under the Ports and Waters Act, including serving as the municipality’s permission-granting authority for the above-mentioned measures.

Application form (in Norwegian only):

Submission of applications:

  1. Send your application by e-mail to 
    or by post to:
    Port of Tromsø, PO Box 392, 9254 Tromsø, Norway
  2. In addition, applications must be sent to the Tromsø Municipality for processing pursuant to the Planning and Building Act.